Parkcraft Playground Team - Enhancing Outdoor Fun: Playground Team's Parkcraft Secrets Unveiled

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Our Team is made of people committed to creating a place where everyone can thrive, have an impact and be celebrated for who they are.


  • GARRETT VOGELAAR headshot photo

    GARRETT VOGELAAR Construction Manager

    From a young age Garrett has been immersed in the playground industry. With his 22 years of experience, he’s had a hand in every aspect of park construction. Having successfully executed over 500 playgrounds and 30 spray parks, you can be confident he’ll deliver on your project. Garrett has his Bachelor of Science degree and a Project Management certificate, which he uses on a daily basis to improve GLVT and enrich the people around him.

  • NICK SADOWAY headshot photo

    NICK SADOWAY Construction Manager

    Nick has been working for GLVT since 2014. As the Con- struction Manager, his predominate focus is on larger scale, high profile, or more complicated projects. He comes with over a decade of project and event manage- ment experience which gives him the skills required to manage personnel and timelines. With keen attention to detail, coupled with outside of the box thinking, Nick has the ability to take a project from start to finish seamlessly.

  • LORI VOGELAAR headshot photo

    LORI VOGELAAR Lead Designer

    Lori Vogelaar is a highly skilled and imaginative play- ground designer with over two decades of experience creating inclusive and innovative spaces in western Can- ada. She is dedicated to providing seamless service and client satisfaction. Lori’s abilities include managing mul- tiple concurrent projects and executing flawless designs for a variety of clients. She is a subject matter expert in playground design and layout, inclusivity, and aesthetic appeal, and is a Canadian Certified Playground Inspector.

  • GERRY VOGELAAR headshot photo

    GERRY VOGELAAR Founder/Foreman

    Founder of GLVT, Gerry has done it all. As a red seal carpenter and experienced contractor Gerry has been involved in every aspect of park construction and boasts an impressive 50 years in the construction business. He’s passionate about taking on special projects, innovation, and teaching others.

  • DIVYA PILLAI PUSHPARAJA headshot photo

    DIVYA PILLAI PUSHPARAJA Manager, Corporate Services

    Divya is our Corporate Services Manager, Her Specialty is Human Resources, Finance, and Project Support. She has her Certification in Human Resources Management and Bachelors in Corporate Secretaryship. She is a people’s person, the friendliest person you’ll ever meet, and is an incredible cultural driver.

  • Michelle Cook headshot photo

    Michelle Cook Client Relationship Manager

    Michelle embodies the heart of our client relationships at Parkcraft and GLV Construction, while being the primary liason, fostering genuine connections and un- derstanding with each interaction. With her unwavering dedication, she navigates the intrica- cies of projects, ensuring clients feel heard, valued, and inspired by our collaborative journey. Michelle's commitment to excellence uplifts both our team and clients, enriching every step of the project lifecycle with positivity and purpose.

  • LAURENCE SAGERT headshot photo

    LAURENCE SAGERT Project Coordinator

    Laurence brings a wealth of project and construction ex- perience having worked on large scale mega projects for the past 20 years predominately in the supply chain field. Along with dual post-secondary designations in Marketing and Architectural Design, a desire to hold himself and the people around him to a higher standard and a deep sense of caring for people; he understands the importance of communication and relationship building to the success of the project.

  • KEVIN VOGELAAR headshot photo

    KEVIN VOGELAAR Safety Manager/Foreman

    Working with the company since 2006, Kevin has been building playgrounds, spray parks, shelters and general landscaping with an ever-increasing attention to detail. He has quickly become the companies go-to resource for all playground CSA issues. He carries the highest standard of care and quality and firmly stands behind all work he oversees. With a heavy compliance to the rules and documentation, Kevin also oversees all safety within the company.

  • YEN PHAM headshot photo

    YEN PHAM Designer & Content Creator

    Yen, a dedicated Web Developer, brings a unique skill set to the team. With a keen sense for design, meticulous attention to detail, and strategic efficiency, Yen offers a valuable perspective to every project. In the role of a collaborative team member, Yen excels in building high-quality websites, identifying opportunities to enhance user experiences. She has a huge love for playgrounds, combining a commitment to excellence with graphic design expertise, making her an indispensable asset to our web development endeavors.

"We worked with Parkcraft team on a complicated public art project that nobody else would touch. They were so excited and proud to be part of something colourful, engaging, and community-focused. They worked really hard to finish our project within reasonable timelines, and definitely rose above and beyond expectations to help make our jobs easier! There were some shifty moments sourcing material and a few delays at the beginning, but Parkcraft was always really good at communicating, managing expectations, and rolling with the punches. Recommend!