Freestanding Components - Parkcraft
a boy sliding down parkcraft double sliders

Motion Components

Engaging in motion activities like rocking, spinning, swinging and sliding provides vestibular input, helping children process sensory information better. This type of play improves focus, attention and coping skills for everyday tasks.

a boy and his friend climbing parkcraft double sliders


Climbing equipment, such as climbing walls, rope courses and overhead traverses provides a wide range of benefits for children and even adults. Overall it provides a well-rounded experience that promotes physical, mental, and social development, making it a valuable addition to playgrounds.

fire trick playground
fire trick playground
fire trick playground
fire trick playground
fire trick playground

Play Vehicles

Play vehicles offer a rich and enjoyable play experience that supports children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development while allowing them to have fun and use their boundless imagination.

2 boys playing inside parkcraft hex net

Net Effects

Net Effects units provide play value for a wide range of ages. The combination of style and challenge keeps playground participants engaged and occupied while promoting physical activity and fun. Whether they are small or large components, these freestanding items offer a valuable and entertaining addition to any playground.

little boy in balance beam


By incorporating these balance elements, the playground becomes a dynamic and inclusive environment, catering to children of different ages and skill levels. It fosters physical development, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment as kids challenge themselves and engage in active play.

little girl in parkcraft playground

Toddler Series

These play systems provide age-appropriate challenges and encourage the development of fundamental motor skills, coordination, and social interactions. Moreover, offering play opportunities at an early age helps foster a positive attitude toward physical activity and play from a young age.

2 little girls playing im drum panel

Outdoor Musical Instruments

Freenotes Harmony Park has established itself as the industry leader in outdoor musical instruments, setting the industry standard for innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship. Created over 20 years ago by Richard Cooke, a Grammy Award-Winning musician, these instruments are not only durable and sustainable but also meticulously tuned sound sculptures that elevate any outdoor space. The concept of having musical instruments in an outdoor setting is transformative and promotes holistic well-being. It creates a positive and harmonious atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact on communities.