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Become a Canadian Certified Playground Inspector

You can get this from the Canadian Playground Safety Institute.

  • Participants must attend a CPSI Theory Course and score at least 70% on the Theory Exam, either online or in class and Participants must attend a CPSI Practical Course and score at least 70% on the Practical exam within 24 months of the date the Theory exam was passed, in order to be considered certified.
  • Recertification is every 3 years.

Decide how you want to get paid.

A lot of distributors will offer you a “percent of product” or “per post” price for your work. Prices for materials vary wildly depending on where you are installing. It is always important to know your true cost to install a playground.

  • Estimate your material based on the location.
  • Estimate your man hours. (a typical 4 man crew can install a playground at a rate of 10-12 posts per day)
  • Take your base cost (materials and labour) and add your markup.
  • Your markup needs to include all the costs to run your company that are not being charged on this project. (IE. accountant, insurance, software, etc)

We work with our installers and show them what their costs should be, so all they need to do is add their markup and their good to go. We want to offer our installers transparency and ease. If you succeed, so do we.


Charge enough to be professional and do a quality job.

If you do good work, you should be able to charge enough to make a great living.

The best installers care about installing their product safely and with quality in mind.

  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment.
  • Make sure your product is installed plumb and level.
  • Make sure your product is installed to the manufactures instructions.

As a certified playground inspector, you must install your product to CSA standards.


Connect with a Playground Distributor or a Playground installation company.

There is a lot of them, and they’re all hungry for installers! List your company with us, we’ll post you on our website. If we don’t use you we want you to be busy and happy!

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